DRUM GROUP(1146441-P) &(973842-U) is a fashion company that offers a variety of men and women's' clothing and accessories in Malaysia. We produce our own design and brand merchandise by delivering a wide range of fashionable yet affordable clothes and accessories for our customers.


DRUM plays the beats.

In DRUM, our products are the beats. The fashion beats.

We believe, the beat is the core of music and fashion is the core of personality.

Your outlook, your attire, defines who you are.

In DRUM, we play varieties of fashion selection, to accommodate your fashion beats for any occasion young occasion.

In DRUM, we hope to keep the beats clean and simple, to present to you the natural & legit fashion beats.

In DRUM, it's all about the beats.

Because we play fashion beats….


To provide great value to our customers and society

To provide a better life and future to our employees


To be a leading fashion company in Malaysia


To offer the latest trends, quality products and competitive price to customers.

To provide customers with services that exceed the customer’s expectations.

To achieve sustainable growth and profit.


D: Dependable
R: Responsible
U: Unity
M: Motivation